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Arriving Late to School

Tardy-Late to School: Any student who arrives late to school must check in to the attendance office to get a pass to enter class. Students who arrive between classes, during break or at lunch must also check in at the Attendance Office. Students who arrive to class late create a disruption, regardless of the reason, and will be marked tardy. California State law will excuse tardies for illness and medical appointments; unfortunately, we are unable to excuse tardies for traffic, rain, car difficulties, or any other circumstance not listed under “Excused.” If student is tardy for a medical appointment, it is suggested that they bring in a note from their Dr.
Tardy-Late to Class: A student is tardy when he/she is not in a seat in class when the first bell rings to begin class. The only way to excuse a tardy is for a student to have a note (with the student’s name, date, and time) signed by a staff member. Since classroom tardies disrupt the educational environment and affect the classroom teacher directly, parents cannot excuse classroom tardies. *An absence is recorded if a student is more than 30 minutes late to class.