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Independent Study

It is recognized that a missed day of instruction cannot be duplicated.  Moreover, with instructors diligently preparing students for the highly interactive Core Curriculum State Standards, it is imperative all students consistently attend school.  Throughout the year, vacation days are provided for all students and their families. With that said, if an unavoidable occasion should arise wherein a student must miss a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of 10 consecutive instructional school days, the student may request an ISC.
To request an ISC, please notify the attendance office by email or phone - You may email Mrs. Whitfield at or call the office at 366-9607;  AT LEAST TEN SCHOOL DAYS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF ABSENCE  so that the request can be reviewed, and if approved Parent or Guardian must come to the office to sign the contract. Class assignments will be organized and given to the student the day prior to the first absence. This process helps students to keep up with school work, but there is no substitute for teacher instruction and class interaction.  
*NOTE: ISC may be denied within 5 days of the grading period, during CAASP testing, during finals as well due to low grades and/or poor attendance.