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Independent PE & Medical PE

PE Modification form due to injury

PE Modification form due to injury

California Education Code section 51210(g) requires all elementary students to participate in physical education (P.E.) for a total of 200 minutes each 10 school days.  Education Code section 51222 requires all secondary students to participate P.E. for a total of 400 minutes each 10 school days.  California Education Code section 51241 states “The Board of a school district … may grant a temporary exemption to a pupil from courses in physical education, if the pupil is ill or injured and a modified program to meet the needs of the pupil cannot be provided.”
Please download and complete the PE Modification Request Form below if your student is ill.


Some students may qualify to take Independent PE (IPE) during their middle school years.  If you review the IPE Sports Qualification List and your student indeed meets the criteria for his/her sport, parents will need to complete the  IPE Application.
  • Verify your student meets the qualification requirement for their sport
  • Complete the IPE Application.  
  • All documentation listed in the application must be attached.
  • Printed and Highlighted verification of ranking or level of competition/performance, from a sanctioned independent ranking organization for the specific sport/activity.  
  • Return all requested documents to the BAMS office, ATTN:  Mrs. Broadhead (
  • IPE applications will be screened and approved prior to the start of the semester.  
  • Online PE course enrollment (upon approval) will be sent to families from the IPE teacher explaining the next steps. 
  • An email will be sent from the site coordinator for denied applications.